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NeuMAX® Technology Overview

NeuClone has world leading expertise in the upstream development of biosimilars including mammalian cell line development and the analytics required to confirm biosimilarity. With this experience, NeuClone has developed the NeuMAX® platform as a part of its Right from the Start® approach to biosimilars development.

NeuMAX® is an integrated platform for commercial scale manufacture of complex biologics, including monoclonal antibody and other protein drugs. The platform comprises a complementary portfolio of technologies designed to provide enhanced production of protein drugs, with major manufacturing advantages.

The system includes:

  • NeuCHO® – a robust and enhanced CHO cell line with superior viability and growth characteristics;
  • pNeu® -Vectors – optimised expression vectors, designed for enhanced expression, complementary to NeuCHO® cells;
  • NeuGRO® – a low cost, chemically defined and animal component-free medium formulation designed to complement NeuCHO® cell lines.
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